Jeb The Giraffe

"Hi! I'm Jeb Giraffe. I've traveled all over the world with my family and met lots of neat people. I love learning about new things and going on exciting adventures. Now we’ve moved to Geonopolis.It's a really cool place and I’m trying to make new friends, but it's hard. I've been feeling kind of lonely lately, so I'm really glad you’re here! Want to meet my family and friends? Great! Let’s go! Just keep scrolling down to see all the great people I know."

Jenny Giraffe

"This is my Mom! Her name's Jenny. I think she's the best mom in the whole world. It's like she knows what I'm feeling even if I can't seem to say it out loud. She's an awesome cook and makes the best treats ever. At our house we celebrate every holiday we've seen from all the places we’ve been, so there's always something fun happening. She let's me do all kinds of great things, but also has rules I need to follow. She loves all of us so much, and I just know she'll love you too! Just don't step on her flower gardens!

Jerry Giraffe

“This is my Dad, Jerry. He is super smart and goes all over the world to teach cool things to people – that’s why we traveled so much. Now he’s the Principal of my school, the Geonopolis Academy! I have yet to ask him a question that he couldn’t answer, even though sometimes he has to go look at a book in the library before he gives an answer! Maybe you’ll come up with a question that’ll finally stump him!”

Jeana Giraffe

“This is Jeana, my older sister. Everybody thinks she’s so beautiful and stylish. She has tons of friends at school and talks to them on the phone all the time. When she’s not cheerleading she’s usually shopping, but still finds time to do all kinds of projects that help people who need it. She can be pretty bossy, and it seems like I’m always doing things that really bug her, but she’s still a pretty great sister!”

Jeremy Giraffe

“This is my older brother, Jeremy. He’s a real sports star and likes to show off about sports most people have never even heard of, like jai alai, cricket and rugby.All the girls seem to go ga-ga over him, and he has lots of guy friends too. He’s probably the coolest older brother a person could have, except when he’s teasing me!”

Saharee Star

“This is Saharee Star. She’s from India and loves to be in the spotlight. She’ll perform for anyone and everyone who will pay attention.She’s very determined and you’ll often hear her say ‘The show must go on!’ Sometimes you have to remind her that not everything’s a show, but you’ll soon find out just how great she is!”

Cemion Circle

“This is Cemion Circle. Cemion is South African, loves to read and has learned a lot from all those books. Sometimes he almost seems as smart as my dad! He’s kind of shy, so you need to give him a heads up if he’s going to meet new people. Trust me when I say you’re going to learn a LOT from my friend Cemion.”

Hannah Li Hexagon

“Hannah Li Hexagon comes from Asia. Of all my friends, she’s the best at gymnastics. She’s always jumping and somersaulting around.But the really neat thing about her is that she always knows the right thing to do in just about any situation. My parents especially love her, and you will too!

David Diamond

“This is David Diamond. He’s from the Middle East and knows a LOT about different religions. He’s usually pretty quiet, but he really understands what’s going on inside people,and that really helps a lot. When kids are having a disagreement, David knows just how to calm them down and help them fix the problem.”

Tracy Triangle

“Tracy Triangle is a Native American from the Lakota tribe. She really wants to be a teacher, which is perfect because she has a way of being able to explain almost anything to anyone!Tracy is the kindest, gentlest person I know, and she loves animals and nature too!

Sam Square

“This is Sam Square. He’s from the United States and he’s really fast,whether he’s skateboarding, roller blading, or saying super-funny things. He’ll try just about any dare you give him,but sometime he needs to be a little more careful. Hanging out with Sam is a lot of fun, even if sometimes you get into a little bit of trouble!

Ollie Octagon

“Ollie Octagon is an Eskimo who is loves to play outside, especially when there is snow! Ollie is a sensitive guy, so you have to know that it’s easy to hurt his feelings. But you won’t find anyone who’s more fun to play with!”

Ricky Rectangle

“This is Ricky Rectangle. He is Spanish and could be considered one of the best dancers I’ve ever met. He’s a really good singer, too. My parents are always saying that Ricky is such a little charmer. I can’t wait for you to meet him, along with all of my other friends!”


“This is Geonopolis, the city that my family and I just moved to. It’s an awesome place to be. C’mon and I’llshow you around! Just keep scrolling down to see all the cool things there are in Geonopolis!”


“This is what the houses look like in Cylinderville – nice and tall because that’s where all us giraffes live. We have schools, stores, parks and all kinds of other great places. We’ll have lots of fun there!”


“Cubeville is were all the elephants live. Everything is very straight there. They have so many rules to follow that it’s hard to keep track of all of them. Sometimes I think it would be good if they just had more fun!”


“This is Coneville, home to lots of penguins. They are full of all kinds of neat ideas and are always so busy trying to make things bigger, better and faster. They are TONS of fun to be around!”


“Sphereville is where you’ll find the porcupines. They get nervous when people they don’t know come into their neighborhood. Luckily, they know me and my friends well enough that we can go there whenever we want!”


“This is Colorville. It’s way different from Geonopolis. Everyone who lives there are books and paintbrushes and easels and rainbows and music notes.It’s really neat! I have some really awesome friends that I’ve met there. C’mon, I’ll introduce you to some of them! Just keep scrolling down to meet more of my friends!”

Arthur The Coloring Book

“Art is a very important friend to me. He’s a magical coloring book, and it’s through him that I get to go to Colorville. All I have to say is… red, yellow, blue, green, orange, purple, brown, and black. Into this magical world I go. Color me this and color me that!”

Pantina Paintbrush

“This is Pantina and she is one of my most special friends in Colorville. She loves helping people and is so kind to everyone. She almost always knows if someone really means what they say. I can’t wait for you to have some adventures with us!”

Ray the Rainbow

“Then there’s Ray. He’s a very special guy who’s basically the guardian angel of Colorville. If something is going wrong in Colorville, it’s usually Ray who can make everything right again. Now he’s asking me to help him take care of Colorville. I hope I can!”

Shadow Box

This is Shadow Box, and you definitely have to watch out for him. He’s a sneaky little guy who likes to take things that don’t belong to him and play tricks on people. He’s not as funny as he thinks he is, but he does love to play tag!”.